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Two months ago, La Nación launched the television channel LN +, a platform for news, journalism, history, analysis and lifestyle.

As part of its growth, during 2017 it will incorporate new programs and talents. That is why today La Nacion will present a new program by the model, actress and host Andrea Frigerio.

At 22 he starts Entre dos with Andrea Frigerio, from José Ignacio (Uruguay). Frigerio invites a cycle of different talks with the most influential women that will touch on topics such as work, demands, motherhood and the decisions that marked his life.

The cycle is presented by Volkswagen, Galicia Eminent and the fragrances of Adolfo Domínguez.

It can be seen through LN + on DirecTV (channel 715 and 1715 HD), Cablevisión (channel 20 digital), www.lnmas.com.ar and, on YouTube, LN + live 24 hours.

Directed by:

Agustín Vidal

Produced by:
Cactus Cinema for

The Nation +

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