Best Somm Belgium 2019


After the success of our three feature films related to the world of wine ("El camino del vino", "El duelo del vino" and "El mejor sommelier del mundo" - pass: msm2019) we decided to transform all our experience into a follow-up documentary, with a more intimate and human approach: Revolusomm, about the boom of sommellerie in the world.

It is a documentary film that, within the framework of the world-wide competition of sommeliers, narrates all the experiences that formed the last 3 finalists and, in this way, answers the question: How does one form a sommelier?

We are in the final of the 2019 World Sommelier Championship in Belgium. We see the three finalists on their backs: Marc Almert (Germany), Nina Jensen, (Denmark), Raimonds Tomsons (Latvia). The atmosphere is tense. We discover the faces of the three participants. The last test is about to begin. Suddenly, the image is frozen. The voice of one of them asks "How did I get here? That's what this film is about: How do you train a sommelier? We know that such training is sometimes unconventional. The sommelier learns by traveling, by reading, by studying, but also because his partner left him, because of some great joy or, perhaps, because of some drunkenness. It is a training with a great experiential and emotional component. Sometimes, the lack of academic training is seen as a problem. This film sees it as a value, a cinematographic and human value.

We will be in the intimacy of the young sommeliers but also, with the jurors and the historical organizers of the ASI (Michelle, mainly) who will act as a counterpoint of the 3 finalists. They will be like the godparents, the teachers.

It is a film that will focus on the human aspect of the sommelier. Other films about wine try to bring the audience into the world of sommelierie. This film does the opposite, it tries to bring the world of wine to the people. We want to get into all those experiences that made the sommelier what he is.

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