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After the success of our two feature films -“The Ways of Wine” and “The Duel Of Wine” - and their

international distribution, we decided to transform this wine film making experience into a global documentary film with a broader focus on the transmedia storytelling. We are creating this production entitled “Wine Families of the world”, 

It´s a feature-length documentary film that follows wine families around the world during a harvest.

The documentary presents the winery through an emotional connection with the audience. It also has a focus on tourism in which the region and the country are promoted for the rest of the world.

“Wine families of the world” is a transmedia  project that, besides being a feature film, also includes: website promotion + periodically renewed social networks + web series with one chapter for each family. It´s an entertaining documentary that becomes an uncommon audiovisual experience that will feature haute cuisine and the best wines, regions and families at their places of origin through emotional stories.

Five months ago, we began the "Wine families" project in Uruguay. We made several shortfilms with very good reception of audience and film and wine festivals like MOST, which has already officially invited the documentary to be screened.

Today we are developing a transmedia project that includes wine families of Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, Brazil, Canada, USA, France, China, Spain, Italy, Lebanon, South Africa, Nueva Zeland, Algeria and Tunisia among others.

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