Shooting of the series "Valentino"

Photos of the filming of the first season of this romantic series in a comedy tone and with fantastic elements, starring Pablo Rago as Valentino and Monica Ayos as Elena. In addition, it will have an important cast that has recently joined the special participation of the international actor Diego Olivera in the contrafigura of the protagonist.

“I always wanted to tell a love story that contains a touch of magic,” added Monica Ayos. “Valentino has everything a romantic comedy needs. When Glowstar offered me the role and the books arrived, I came from working in other genres as action and drama for Amazon and Netflix, and I felt that Valentino was a wonderful proposal to return to romantic comedy. ”
Valentino is the story of a cupid who has romantically fallen in love with many humans for 9 centuries, and who decides to retire due to the applications of the new millennium to find couples online. Everything will change when Valentino meets the person responsible for his failure on earth: Elena, creator of the most successful dating application.

The Valentino project is already being discussed with several Argentine platforms and screens, as well as in advanced conversations for its remake in other territories.

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