Also known as “Lamelli” (pronounced : Luh- Megee), beast of the Kino kingdom. Legend has it that at the dawn of civilization there was a tyrannical, unpredictable man, who on his quest for The Supreme Fable mixed potions from two enemy wizards: Bazin, The Ascet, and Sergei, the constructor. Thus giving origin to its fatal spell: two heads in a same body in eternal dispute. They can only find peace if the echoes from OBRAZ (WORKZ) arrive to its ears, said to be the magnanimous lost story to which part of the Supreme Fable's Power is attributed. This is how it spends its days… looking for it…, relentlessly, until the end of eternity.

“It becomes more important to not only present a logically coordinated narration, but to attain it with maximum emotion and stimulating power". (S.M.E., 15:2, 1941)


The faith of his art lies on the transmutation principle: All things can be transmuted. Heir to a wonderful auditory gift and an unwavering will, he is able to turn any material - no matter how ordinary or abject it is - into philosophical substance. The principles of the Creation Montage and Absolute Montage are attributed to him.

"In order to be obtained, each creation, is worthy of an Entire Life". Linkankura Millangen, 1491


Carrier of the illusion. His art is that of distorting sensory perception. His means: the formation of images that defy the limits of reality. It is said that he is the only being in the universe able to reach the Total Golden Ratio Composition and for that reason his most relentless enemies, The Templar Knights, have been persecuting him for centuries.

"A good trick is one that leaves no question regarding its accomplishment". H.J. Bon Klaisenhard, 1570