The day the night began

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"The day the night began"
Tele Film Documentary - 48 minutes
Produced by: Luciano Olivera, Zoom In and Cactus Cine
Direction: Sebastian Carreras (Cactus Cine)
Premiered on Canal Encuentro August 2016

Type: Tele Film Documentary - 48 minutes
Genre: Historical, political, social
Director: Sebastián Carreras
Producer: Luciano Olivera
Script: Bibiana Ricciardi
DF: Anibal Greco, Ivan PisarenkoSonido: Pedro Gerbelli
Producing countries: Argentina
Synopsis: Mathematicians, architects, astronomers and other direct witnesses bring to the present the night in which the blows of the canes killed a project that exceeded the academic. A documentary made in the framework of the fifty years of "La Noche de los Bastones Largos."
Duration: 48 min
Release date: August 2016
Production Company: Cactus Cine - Zoom In

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