El Mejor Sommelier del mundo

Documentary Feature Film



La Sommellerie: one of the most interesting and controversial fashion trades in recent years. Is this trade necessary? Is it very snobbish? Is it only for the rich? Although we can find some of the answers in this documentary, they are probably less interesting than the experiences that opened during April 2016 in Mendoza, Argentina, where the country was for the first time the host of the prestigious international competition that once every 4 years chooses the best sommelier in the world. In this story there is one thing for sure: the sommelier is an extraordinary, unique profession. Capable of living off sensitivity in the 21st century, dominated by machines, technology and lack of time, the sommelier allows himself the luxury of waiting for the wine to open up in the glass... Magic!

The best in the world have 3 days to demonstrate the result of a lifetime of study and learning. What is experienced is a human experience of competition, the characters with their own personal comings and goings become the focus of this documentary, which was filmed in important hotels, amazing wineries and spectacular natural landscapes of the different regions of Mendoza, each an expression of an exciting culture that gives new meaning to a world still full of mysteries and fabulous myths: wine.

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