The ways of Wine

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      • Link: pass: cactuscine
      • Type: Mockumentary
      • Gender: comedy, fake documentary, wine & food, travels
      • Director: Nicolas Carreras
      • Producer: Sebastián Carreras
      • Production countries: Argentine
      • Cast: Charlie Arturaola, Pandora Anwyl.
      • Synopsis: The famous sommelier Charlie Arturaola has lost his palate and must recover it in a journey to its essence, to that day where at age 11 he hid in a wine barrel playing hide-and-seek and for the first time felt the aroma that would mark him forever.
      • Language final version: Spanish
      • Length:  90 minutes
      • Shooting Location: Buenos Aires, Argentine. Uruguay
      • Awards: Selected for the National Competition of the 25th Mar del Plata International Festival. Winner of the FIPRESCI award in the 25°Festival Internacional de Mar del Plata Winner of the award for best script at the International Grape and Wine Film Festival. Culinary Cinema Selection at the 61° Filmfestspiele, Berlin. Culinary Zinema Selection at 59° Donostia Zinemaldia Festival in San Sebastian. Official Selection of the Polish Film Festival Poznan Transatlantyk. Official Selection of Napa Valley Film Festival. Official Selection of Piriapolis Festival, Uruguay. Selection from "La Mirada" Film Festival, Melbourne, Australia.
      • Production Company: Cactus Cine 

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