Food and poison (documentary feature film demo)


"Food and poison" is a journey through the history and geography of Argentine agriculture and how the search for superproductivity made the country one of the most advanced in the world in technology applied to the field but in turn woke up a controversy without truce. Do chemicals kill or increase productivity and generate wealth for the country? Ivan, a character who unwittingly encounters this dilemma at the beginning of the story, in the middle of a march that opposed ecologists with rural producers, will begin a course in which stories on one side and the other. The chemists helped strongly to increase the productivity and at the same time they generated serious consequences of deaths by envenenamientos, epidemics of cancer in towns where there was no such disease, and deforested areas that were a fundamental part of a biodiversity that assured a balance between lands, rivers and humans . In turn, producers say that since the implementation of the practices of the new millennium, food production increased exponentially and generated enormous wealth for the country, which allowed, among other issues, to considerably lower the external debt.

But did the hunger come down since the implementation of agrotoxics as promised after its implementation? Is Argentina mortgaging its future or was it able to take advantage of the intensification of its crops and the path to hyperproductivity? Ivan is done and asks those questions.

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