Beirut, Buenos Aires, Beirut

Verónica is a woman of Lebanese origin who lives in Buenos Aires. One day her great aunt confides a secret to her: Mohammed, Verónica's great-grandfather, did not die in Argentina but returned to Lebanon, leaving the family he had formed here abandoned. Then Veronica investigates the life of her great-grandfather and travels thousands of kilometers in search of its history and origins.

A film by:
Hernán Belón

Produced by: 
Grace Spinelli, Cactus Cine, Hernán Belón, Aljazeera Documentary Channel. 

Cactus Cine / Sebastián Carreras

• Best Documentary Award at the Latin Arab-Argentina International Film Festival
• Audience Award at the Latin American Arab Film Festival
• Selection at the AlJazeera-Qatar International Festival
• Selection at the Lebanese-Lebanon Festival
• Selection at the AMAL Festival, Spain.



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