The Other Field

Documentary film that reconstructs the story of the Campo de Herrera cooperative and the INTA team that worked there until its dismantling in 1974


Made with the support of INTA and the production of Cactus Cine.

In Famaillá, in the province of Tucumán, is the Cooperativa Trabajadores Unidos Campo de Herrera, which was created after the closure of eleven sugar mills in 1966, during the dictatorship led by General Juan Carlos Onganía. Its origin is linked to the National Institute of Agricultural Technology (INTA), and a team of professionals who played a fundamental role in the life of the cooperative during the 1970s, before being persecuted and imprisoned. The documentary reconstructs this experience through the stories of some of its protagonists, and delves into the way of life that the inhabitants of Campo de Herrera lead today. The story, the new voices that inhabit it and the conflicts they face in order to survive, are all depicted in it.
Duration: 26'.

Idea and Direction
Cecilia Gárgano

Esteban Reccio

Gonzalo Aranda
Cactus Cinema


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